Case study: Authorities

Registration office

The aim

tl_files/mem-o-matic/grafiken/3800f99.jpgCitizens wait in a comfortable designed waiting area. Officers do not have to leave their office to call up the next client, they can simply push a button and the next client may enter.
Only one ticket is needed for all different services.
Clients enjoy first come - first serve principle. They do no longer have to worry about their place in the queue.

The officials pass on the ticket to the next department.

The MEM-O-MATIC solution:

MEM-O-MATIC designed a Queuing-Management-System which enables clients and officers to use only one ticket for more than one service.

MEM-O-MATIC-7000 Networksystem

MEM-O-MATIC-7000 Networksystem


  • Consultations in a correct and fair order
  • Citizens need only one ticket a day for all contact points
  • Satisfied staff: No unneeded ways to walk and focusing on center tasks
  • Statistical evaluation: e. g. number of consultations per day and department

Fields of application in public facilities

Public facilities in which Ticket Systems are most commonly used are:

  • Railway stations
  • Banks
  • Embassies
  • Registration offices
  • Finance offices
  • Driving licence departments
  • Local authorities
  • Courts
  • Job centers
  • Car registration offices
  • Consulates
  • Passport offices
  • Social assistance offices
  • Road traffic licensing deporments
  • Universities
  • Administration offices
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