Case studies: Hospitals

Specialist Hospital

The aim

tl_files/mem-o-matic/grafiken/3800f992tm.jpgPatients wait in a comfortable designed waiting area for their surgery. Medical-staff or doctors save time for treatment of patients, because they do not have to walk across corridors. They can call the next patient from their desk or their surgery-room.
The patient needs only one single ticket, even for different doctors and different surgeries during one day at the same hospital. Whilst waiting, MOM-systems guarantee a controlled sequence. Surgeries take place according to different symptoms. Every department, surgery-room and doctor has to keep the sequence.

The hospital staff passes on the ticket to the next reponsible department or doctor:

The MEM-O-MATIC solution:

MEM-O-MATIC has designed a Queue Management System that allows a patient to use only one ticket for all contact points.

MEM-O-MATIC 7000 Network System

MEM-O-MATIC 7000 Network System


  • Treatments will take place in correct order.
  • The patient needs only one ticket for all contact points.
  • Satisfied staff: No extra ways to walk, focussing on core competences
  • Statistical evaluation of treatments per doctor/room/department.

Fields of application in hospitals

Hospitals in which Ticket Systems are most commonly used are:

  • Medical centers
  • Chemists
  • Specialist hospitals
  • Doctor's offices
  • Hospitals
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