Sporadic visitors

Visitors Display System

MEM-O-MATIC-3800-BAS Queue Management System

Queue Management System

Manage a large flow of visitors at the push of a button (red/green).

In order to maintain discretion and a calm atmosphere get a stress-free waiting time for your visitors and satisfied staff.

MEM-O-MATIC red-green readio control

MEM-O-MATIC red-green readio control


  • plug-in / easy installation
  • call via acoustic signal
  • connection of parallel displays
  • with door opnener (optional)
  • 36 months MEM-O-MATIC guarantee for highest quality products
  • long-lasting and maintenance-free LED's
  • no consumables necessary
  • arbitrary labeling


  • radio control (433MHz) – no wiring needed
  • key button with fixed wiring
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