Case study: Supermarket

Service station

The aim

tl_files/mem-o-matic/grafiken/3800MCA-1.jpgAt peak buying times customers get the chance to wait in a comfortable waiting area, there is no need to be afraid to lose one's rank in the queue. Customers can now use their time more efficient, they can find out about the latest offers or inform themselves about new trends and get tips. Serving staff can call the next customer comfortably with a radio-controlled-receiver. The next customer will be shown on a LED or LCD display.
When using LCD-monitors you get the chance to show latest adverts on the monitor that keeps the customers close to the serving station and informs them right in front of the offered goods.

The MEM-O-MATIC solution:

MEM-O-MATIC designed a Queue-Management-System that enables the staff to call up the next customer by using a radio-controlled receiver. This method also allows a quick and uncomplicated  installation.

MEM-O-MATIC-3800-MAXI Display

3800 Special offer

Service System for Supermarkets

Service System for Supermarkets

The income

  • No customer has to wait at the same spot or bother himself waiting in queue until getting served.
  • Happy staff: no unneeded burden of the vocal cords, they can concentrate on one customer at the time and by doing so guaranteeing to get best advice, not having to argue with customers whom will get served first
  • Statistic analysis: number of clients per service station, time waited, utilization of staff
  • less inventory differences
  • increase turnover

Fields of application in trade

There are numerous examples for application of Queue Management Systems in trade such as:

  • bakeries
  • florists
  • delicatessen
  • bicycle dealer
  • hairdressers without appointments
  • Diners
  • Service-stations in supermarkets (cheese, meat, fish, viands, bread etc.)
  • travel agencies
  • telecommunication shops
  • insurances
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