Medical treatment

Queue Mgnt. Syst. - counter display


Mem-O-Matic. Queue Management System 3800 Roll-On with counter display

Clear sequence

Arrange a clear sequence of your patients, mind unnecessary queues and guide visitors to the correct surgery. Besides giving a stress less and calm atmosphere for all involved and give your patients the chance to use their time effective.

System overview

  • plug and play installation
  • patient call with ticket number and workstation
  • Different service stations are shown
  • Patient call with acoustic signal
  • Counter display possible
  • different font sizes
  • Connection of parallel display
  • long-lasting LED's
  • selectable caption - with individual logo on demand
  • ticket dispenser, hygienic ticket-roll / or ticket-printer with thermal paper
  • tickets are available in many different varieties
  • Ticket Printer of different types

MEM-O-MATIC guarantee

MOM guarantee, 36 months for highest quality products.

Different control systems:

  • Radio control (433MHz) – no wiring necessary
  • Control unit with 22 push buttons and fixed wiring – variable working
  • Call via PC interface
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